Beware the Faulty Data Trap

Beware the Faulty Data Trap

With the evolution of technology came the two biggest advancements ever in human life – internet and the smartphone. Of course, now you can club it with social media and get the perfect chaotic mess – especially if you’re a business.

To get the best results with your marketing strategy you need “good” data. This means making sure that your information is current, valid and matches your organizational needs.

The technology trio has not just turned everyone across the world tad more expressive, but also resulted in the creation of a large opportunity for data sharing – what we, businesses, call ‘Big Data’.

Marketing Data Trap

If you go back a few years, you’ll see how differently marketers approached their target audience. It was a direct approach. The traditional marketing tactics included purchasing static lists and using push broadcasting for running effective campaigns.

Even with a number of advancements in the digital field, marketers often seek data for running campaigns that are aimed at bringing in the most number of conversions. But these marketers often fail at achieving their end goal.

Enterprises are investing in highly priced static lists in the hope that they will bring in steady sales, forgetting that the information on that list is outdated even before the campaign gets executed. Brokers don’t take responsibility for keeping the data on these lists up-to-date. So either you are willing to keep buying these lists one after the other, or you simply choose an option that is more dynamic in nature.

Corpping is an integrated marketing data software suite for B2B technology marketers that solve the most critical problem businesses face today which is data quality. The SaaS platform offers an integrated suite of data modules that get updated on a real time basis, keeping your information lists valid and relevant at all times without the pain of high cost and complexity.

Use Big Data and Data Science for creating an effective marketing database:

  • Avoid repeated marketing list purchases and loading static data to your system
  • Avoid flat fee based list buying
  • Identify addressable market and segment target audience
  • Subscribe to a Data-as-a-Service platform for target prospect intelligence
  • Integrate DaaS to marketing database system for real-time updates and maintain marketing database accurately

It is important to ensure the authenticity in developing your marketing data strategy. This will not only save your company’s time and money but will also help you maintain and increase the integrity of your company’s core message.

Have you integrated your outbound process with data?

corpping offers the most comprehensive marketing data platform through a cloud application. Our Data-as-a-Service model provides integrated campaign data sets which allow sales and marketing teams to gain access to a complete view of customer profiles and contacts with lead score, updated at real-time.

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