B2B Marketing Data Platform for IT Marketers


B2B Marketing Data Platform for IT Marketers

The digital marketing technology marketplace is rapidly changing and Corpping, Inc. (TSI) continues to innovate B2B marketing data platform for IT marketers.


So, what is Corpping and what does it do?

Online and offline sources generate lots and lots of data about IT prospects. As an enterprise IT marketer you increasingly want to combine your in-house marketing data with external data sets, for prospect segmentation, targeting, and campaign execution. In many scenarios you’d like to increase the relevance and precision of your content targeting efforts by leveraging different types of data sets:

  • Primary data: in-house customer, prospect, interaction, and transaction data
  • Secondary data: external data sets like lists and profiles that you license from a partner

IT Marketers have always grappled with the challenge of discovering Competitive intelligence, IT installed-base information & Contact maintenance. A company may initiate an IT project based on an expiring software version or hardware equipment which triggers several purchase decisions such as software licences, adding new hardware equipment’s, Tech Refresh & choosing service partners – all at same or different points of time. Ideally, an IT marketer would like to target the company across all these interactions but it’s not always easy to identify that it is the same user in all three scenarios.

That’s where a tool like Corpping (along with Competitive Intel and a large consolidated list of millions of IT executive profiles with detailed behavioral and demographic data) comes into picture – helping you comb through competitive intelligence and user profiles to serve appropriate content at the right time, and doing this at scale. Corpping Big Data engine continually scans over 11 million of the world’s most-trafficked websites and 40 million+ IT executive profiles, looking for the little Javascript embeds and web tags that indicate the presence of enterprise technology content from 500k+ global companies.

B2B Marketing Data Platform for IT Marketers

Corpping is an IT Marketing Data Platform that lets you aggregate, integrate and manage different data sets through a central interface. It theoretically helps to identify different IT audience segments to optimize advertising, marketing, and sales activities. From a functionality perspective, it lets you specify Competitive Intelligence, IT installed-base, Sales triggers, IT contacts and integrate with other CRM tools and ensure privacy rules are not violated.

The B2B marketing data platform marketplace is still maturing and in reality it helps to eliminate list purchases and save marketing budget. Enterprises increasingly need a central marketing data hub that orchestrates your marketing and targeting efforts. This data hub should constitute a single platform that offers total addressable market with relevant sales intelligence.

IT marketers should ask themselves if their enterprise marketing data allow them to leverage competitive intelligence, IT contacts and some form of predictive analytics to combine them as needed on a campaign-by-campaign basis. We strongly recommend you to factor this in your evaluations of any IT marketing data platforms.

TSI and its Competitors

There are several legacy List sellers & Data Re-sellers. They follow the old fashioned approach of selling generic company data, contact titles and emails for a specific dollar amount which turns out to be expensive. In most cases, these data vendors partner, source lists from each other and re-sell at a higher cost. There is no process driven data development methodologies, IT sales intelligence, Competitive Intelligence and relevant IT sales triggers in their data. Such vendors sell generic data platforms and lists through aggressive marketing schemes. The lack of data maintenance support put marketers at high risk with data becoming outdated in short span of time resulting in waste of marketing budget. This legacy approach has manipulated marketing industry for the past decade; however IT marketers are now avoiding such legacy list sellers.

There is some innovation happening through some of the IT Org Chart vendors, but they are focused on a very small space of large enterprises where information is available on public domains which is captured through web-crawlers. The high reliance on web crawlers indicates mostly web behaviors which often questions the relevancy of data for IT marketers. The fact is, web analytics or social media monitoring is not predictive analytics, Good looking org charts won’t help to sell and Large enterprise segments are already established and saturating IT markets. So such platforms turns out to be a ‘good to have’ tool but does not complement as a demand generation or lead nurturing engine to quickly accelerate pipeline creation.

Coirpping is a modern B2B marketing data platform with sales intelligence. Leveraging latest technologies such as Big Data Analytics & Predictive Analytics, the tool combines IT Installed-base, Competitive intelligence, Patterns, IT contacts & IT research campaigns to develop actionable sales intelligence data sets for enterprise IT marketers. Predictive Analytics feature provide a set of Sales triggers such as Tech Refresh, Upgrade, New Deployment etc for the highest probable sales opportunities.

Corpping offers 95% of total addressable enterprise IT market coverage with 500,000+ companies, 3Million+ IT contacts from 100+ countries. The company promotes Data-as-a-Service model, which include dedicated data maintenance support teams. This reflects the authenticity and commitment of data sets offered and safeguards a one-time investment for all IT marketing data needs with highest return on marketing budget.

To get more insight into the whole spectrum of IT marketing data solutions, reach out to us.


About Corpping

Corpping is a sales intelligence data services company exclusively focused on enterprise technology market place. Powered by BigData technologies, Corpping offers SaaS based marketing data cloud software for B2B technology marketers to discover sales leads, ideal buyer profiles and competitive intelligence from one central platform. The technology sales intelligence platform, offers an easy to use cloud based marketing solution for B2B technology marketers. Corpping is committed to staying ahead of market trends and innovation to help marketers excel in revenue growth.

Contact Corpping at +1 (415) 675 8920 and get our expert opinions or email us at enquiry@corpping.com

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