Email marketing – A key to e-commerce success

In the present scenario, there are many options to market your business online like social media, content marketing, SEO etc., But when it comes to sales conversation or sales conversions, everyone will use the good old fashioned email.

According to the recent researches, many are receiving marketing messages through their email.  And also many are familiarize with the use of coupons or codes or special offers through their email.

So, if your eCommerce business hasn’t taken time to spend effort and money on email marketing, you are just leaving your business as it is. Smart business man knows that an email list is an asset to their business.

An email list adds significant value in several ways, so your email list is also something that you sell along with your business.  It allows direct contact with people who have either already spent money on your business, are interested in your product or are very passionate about your industry.  For the long-term growth of any business, building an email list should be a priority. Here are some reasons why:

  • Email Vs. Social media

Now-a-days, social media is a great for distributing content and marketing messages because there are many potential customers hangout. But there is no scope for personal space through which you can sell your product or grow your business.  Many studies shows that email marketing is more effective than Facebook and Twitter, in the case of sales generation. This is because through email you can take the conversation to a more personal space, their inbox.

  • Cost effective marketing

Sending emails costs nothing.  You can send emails to your customers using Gmail. It will be better if you use a more professional email account from your domain name.  Personal emails from the founder or director will definitely build the trust of your customers easily.

  • Existing customers will spend more than new customers

As you know, existing customers are the key to a profitable business.  They already trust your business, so there is no need for much effort to convince them to purchase from you again.  Keeping a relationship with the existing customers is a key to make them purchase more from you. That is where email comes into play. Keep in touch with your customers through email.  As we see early, email is very low cost and you can use it to encourage repeat purchases which will result in a much better return in your investment.

  • Email carried traffic and sales

If you wish to communicate your message to a specific segment on your email list, you can use your email list to reach your customers in a wide variety of ways. For example,

  • Newsletters with information on new products
  • Emails on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc
  • Emails regarding special discounts for loyal customers
  • Purchase reminder emails to come back and complete the process of purchasing
  • Feedback seeking emails
  • Email Vs. Content marketing

Undoubtedly we can say that content marketing is the hottest marketing strategy.  It gives you something to share and promote on social media, and it also helps you earn more rankings in search results.

The major problem of content marketing is, quality content takes a major investment. First, you have to decide what to focus on. Do you want to have text-based blogs posts? Video explainer videos and commercials? Slideshare presentations? Fun and informative podcasts? Viral infographics?

Then, you have to decide who is going to create all of that content for you. Do you have an in-house team of content creators? Do you outsource? How do you find someone who excels at creating different types of media?

So, content marketing is really need big effort and investment. That is why collecting email addresses from everyone who visits your webstore is so important. It gives you a way to keep in touch and follow up with your audience over time and build the relationship.

Social media and search are great ways to get discovered by your customers, but email is the way to really build a relationship with them.

Now that you know how important email marketing is, to make your business a great success.

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